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 We specialize in assisting lawyers who may require a residential appraisal for their clients for the purposes of real estate, tax issues, wills, probates or other particular situations. Reach out to us for more information


Sale Value

If you are thinking of selling privately and have perhaps received conflicting values from realtors, this report can be an invaluable tool to help you sell your home.

We will provide you with a comprehensive market value report which includes current market trends that you can use at the negotiating table. Value is based upon what an informed and willing buyer is likely to pay and on local area MLS sales. We have the tools to properly adjust for differences in comparables, even when there are few sales.

Divorce/Separation/Division of Assets

Certain situations require sensitivity, especially when emotions run high and we are here to provide that sensitivity. Your home is assessed for its worth today or for its worth at the time of the beginning of the marriage or cohabitation. In any case, our reports are concise and robust enough to hold up in court while ensuring fairness to both parties.


Forecasting and prevailing market trends are essential factors in determining value when a home needs to sell in a timely manner. For relocation, a more in-depth look at recently sold listings, expired listings, cancelled/reduced priced listings and homes that are currently for sale is required. 


We have a deep understanding of the proper appraisal procedures for wills and of the legal requirements involved in settling an estate for an individual recently deceased.

Sometimes a second opinion can help sway the owner towards a more realistic listing price in today's challenging market. We have the tools to properly adjust for time, location, size of home and many other factors that affect a comparable sale through the eyes of a buyer. Two of the appraisers in our firm are former realtors with many years of experience. Call to find out more.

Tax Purposes 

Appraisals for the Capital Gains Tax are often a necessity for investment property owners when it comes time to sell. We can help you by providing both the current value and the value of the property when you purchased it.

Property Assessment challenges need to be completed properly for you to succeed in your appeal. We understand what the requirements are to satisfy what the city will require.

Appraisals for the Vacant Unit Tax are a more recent necessity for homes that have been vacant for longer than 6 months. 

If you need an appraisal for income tax purposes of any sort, we can help.

Mortgage Financing

Our appraisals are accepted by the top mortgage lenders and lending institutions. Currently, most appraisals are ordered through a third party appraisal management company rather than directly through the lenders or mortgage brokers. We work closely with all major management companies by providing updates and information to keep all parties informed. 

You may always order your own appraisal in which you can chose your own appraiser and have full control. Sometimes these can be then used by a lender. Talk to your lender or mortgage broker to see if this may work for you.

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